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| Observation Chamber | Microscope Temperature Control System |

"The Cube

& The Box"


Focus instability is a notorius problem in high-res timelapse microscopy. Even small changes in ambient temperature lead to thermal extension or contraction in the microscope stand, stage and objective, thereby changing the plane of focus. There are a number of ways to keep your specimen at physiological temperature, but only an incubator box combined with a precision air heater ensures that the temperature of both your specimen and your microscope remain equilibrated and tightly controlled.

  • Custom design for the individual microscopy setup to accomodate special equipment

  • Intricate system of openings and doors for comfortable access to microscope controls and easy mounting of specimens.


  • External, low-vibration & low-noise design

  • Highest quality ebm fan

  • Fuzzy-logic PID controller with 3 self-optimizing modes (step response tuning, disturbance tuning and hunting tuning)